Home Gardens


Have you ever wanted to have an orchard at home? Verde Tierra can help you accomplish this initiative. Having a garden at home to grow is health, and there is nothing healthier like having your own food, to eat the healthiest. Having a home garden is an incentive to eat more vegetables in the daily diet and for the whole family to know how important it is to eat this type of food and how easy it can be to grow them at home.

If you create a crop at home, food will also be free of pesticides. As if that were not enough, the garden, not the cultivation area of the garden, is also a great resource for children, as they learn what they should do to have vegetables and the importance of respecting nature, since the land can born foods that help us to have a balanced diet.


For children who have an home garden they can enjoy watching how the plant grows and vegetables and how they are then used to put them in cooked dishes. In addition, the garden can also be a good activity to develop as a family, to spend more time with children, to teach responsibilities to children and also to be in direct contact with nature.

In addition to all the health benefits, having a vegetable garden will also help you financially since the cultivation of vegetables will save you the expense in the supermarket for the purchase of the vegetables you plant at home. As if that were not enough, having a home garden helps your home to be well decorated because plants and vegetables will bring color and joy to your home, thus creating a warm and welcoming environment.

It should also be noted that the cultivation of a family garden is not complicated because it only takes a little time to irrigate, fertilize and observe the state of plant health. Paying attention to each cultivated species and giving you the care, you need you can have plants and vegetables for you and your whole family.


The lack of patio or space in your home is not an excuse so you can’t have your garden. Houses with little space can also have their corner for planting and gardening. You should only choose a place where you receive at least a couple of daily hours of direct sun. If your house has a lot of sun throughout the day you can have an garden with pots or containers of herbs, vegetables, legumes, etc. You can have it wherever you want from your home. On the other hand, if your home has few hours of daylight, you can plant some species of grass and vegetables on balconies or windows.

You should choose the best way to plant in your home, for this it is necessary that you think about the space that you have available, that you consider what you want to cultivate and that evaluates what is the best depending on your lifestyle.

If you understand the benefits of having a garden but do not know how to start, Verde Tierra, is willing to help you in this process. Working the beginning of the process with the help of experts to guide you to successfully maintain your garden and obtain fresh and well-maintained fruits from it.