Erosion Control

VERDE TIERRA, provides service of erosion control. This problem occurs mostly in rural areas of the country.

What is soil erosion and how does it affect us?

Erosion occurs when natural or artificial forces carry away the upper layer of soil. If the soil erodes easily, vegetation will not grow. Erosion can turn healthy land into arid or dead land; erosion can cause severe landslides and mudslides. Erosion often occurs on construction sites or areas where the land has been disturbed. There are different ways to control erosion. They vary depending on the terrain and the severity of the erosion.

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Erosion is a natural process that releases, and sweeps the soil and rocky material. It occurs because of geological or artificial factors.

  • The process of erosion occurs through natural forces, including water, wind and ice.
  • The two main types of erosion are geological erosion and artificial erosion.
  • Geological erosion occurs naturally when the distribution of land is disturbed in some way. It could be by the formation of the land or by the removal of the land.
  • Artificial erosion occurs when humans modify the land which accelerates the natural process of erosion. This is a common type of erosion in construction sites.
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