Landscaping Design

The Landscaping design is part of the range of services offered by Verde Tierra. There are many factors that complement this type of design. That is why it is important to consult with professionals who can implement these different factors at the time of their realization.

To carry out a landscape project, it is necessary to take into account the parts that make up any type of design, in order to carry out a harmonic design. The elements of the design composition can be divided mainly into two branches: natural, artificial and additional elements.


This first classification is integrated by the elements arranged on the site without the intervention of the human being, or introduced to the environment by man for its design, but creates a sense of nature due to its origin; and includes water, vegetation, sounds, aromas, soils and fauna. The following describes its importance and characteristics in the landscape.

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  • TOPOGRAPHY AND WATER: Essential element of the landscape appearance, since it is determinant in several factors such as climate, defines the landscape space, determines the distribution of vegetation and is an insulating element.
  • VEGETATION: Act as a regulating factor of the microclimate as well as the humidity of the air; prevents soil erosion and contributes to the habitat of a specific fauna. The arrangement of vegetation in nature is diverse and due to the biological balance of ecosystems. In landscape design, its potential uses are to: drive, emphasize, frame, sift and delimit; It changes the urban aspect, gives space mobility, depends on the character to choose the plant element and creates environments according to needs. If you have decided to turn your patio into a work of art, count on the help of our experts!
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