Irrigation System

Verde Tierra covers irrigation system services. This is based on the set of structures, which allows us to determine which area can be cultivated by applying the necessary water to the plants. It consists of several components. The set of components depend on whether it is surface irrigation, sprinkler, or drip. Under this service, we work different systems according to your need.


SYSTEMS DRIP RISK SYSTEM: When well designed and managed, drip irrigation has many advantages over other irrigation methods, including removal of surface runoff, constant soil moisture level, high Efficiency in the use of water, flexibility in the application of fertilizers, prevents the growth of weeds and plant diseases. Drip systems can also be easily integrated into the systems of fertigation and automation in the systems of theTraditional irrigation, water is applied to the entire field, either by sprinkling or by flood irrigation, resulting in a significant loss of water. Drip irrigation is a modern irrigation method in which water is applied directly to the plant’s root zone.

IRRIGATION SYSTEM FOR FARMS: An adequate irrigation system supplies the necessary amount of water at the time it is needed, moistening the soil to the depth required by the crop. The crops have critical moments for their water needs, which if they are not remedied, they result in losses in yield or lack of germination.There is gravity irrigation, which consists of the water supply by means of pipes or hoses of continuous flow that supply water to the land either in the furrows or in the streets. Similar to this system, it is the irrigation by flood that is the one that is used in crops like rice. The drip irrigation that can be in surface or underground and consists of the distribution of water by means of hoses and drippers located strategically in the area of absorption by the plants. Spray also, which deals with the distribution of water through specific points by means of sprinklers that simulate the fall of rainwater.

IRRIGATION SPRAYER SYSTEM: Sprinkler systems are especially suitable for agricultural work, because sprinkler irrigation is carried out automatically and efficiently, allowing water to be distributed evenly throughout a fairly wide radius.

REPAIR AND MAINTENANCE OF THE IRRIGATION SYSTEM: To provide a unique and effective service, Verde Tierra offers repair and maintenance of these services. If your system is broken, count on our professional help, as well as to prolong the life of the system with our maintenance services

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